Going All In


Life is strange. With its highs and lows. The laughs and and the cries.

I think an adequate comparison to the life I want to describe would be to compare a seed to the human.

The seed of a rose, nestled deep inside the Earth; there’s so much potential. Will it grow and blossom into a beautiful rose, realizing its full potential – or not? All of the sun’s glory radiates upon the soil -penetrating it and nourishing her. And with faith and courage, the seed sprouts and pushes its way out of the soil, embracing and drinking in the light of the sun. Its warmth. Feeling the wind for the first time. Everything is louder above ground, brighter, busier. The little seedling continues to grow, continues to form, then finally blossoming into an intriguing beautiful, captivating rose.

I believe the human animal is similar. We start off as a seed, so much potential. Just making it out of the womb is a feat in itself. Born into the world -Here we go!

There’s a light that shines on each of us. As we are all individuals -regardless of what anyone else says, there is no one to replace us – we’re one of a kind.

As we grow up, and become adults, we have a choice – we can follow the light that radiates inside of us, or we can turn away from it in fear.

I need to talk about the shame and fear that I feel.

In the USA, where I am from, I feel like I have been reduced as a human. I feel like, I haven’t been allowed to be myself.

Taught to feel shame about so many things -by so many different influences:

-commercials, ads, posters, loved ones, friends, enemies, myself-

All of these influences have made me feel like I don’t deserve to be better, don’t deserve to be myself, don’t deserve to be confident. Taught that I’m not good enough just the way I am.

I’m tired of cowering and being afraid of what others think about me. Molding myself into the social norms.

I was never accepted when I sold myself out for social norms, so I’ve decided to try something new.

I once heard a quote from Lisa Nichols that went something like this:

By being your true self – you are helping to give someone else the air that they need to breathe.

I’m ready to go all in. Come join me.



In The Fallbrook Village News: Leslie Marie Wheeler, The Children’s Positive Character Educator!


My educating of Children’s Positive Character Behaviors is in full swing! All I need now is AN OPPORTUNITY to do Children’s Positive Character Behaviors Workshops in schools. Please send a message if you have or know of an opportunity you would like me to consider taking on.

I am following my dreams and my dreams have led me to want to help the children learn and practice Positive Character Behaviors in and out of the classroom! I believe the children are our future, let’s teach them well and let them lead the way.

By teaching the youth Positive Character Behaviors, we are giving them tools that will allow them to succeed throughout their lifetime.

Imagine all of the doors that teaching Positive Character Behaviors will open for the children as they grow up and enter adulthood.

When we teach the children: Patience . Kindness . Compassion . Ambition . Creativity . Tolerance . Wonder . Friendliness . Mercy . Gratitude . Thankfulness . Courage . Helpfulness,

We are offering them the necessary tools that will allow them to save the world with their integrity!

Let’s teach the children Positive Character Behaviors. Let’s teach the children to have integrity.

Because after all, the children are our future! All children, not just the loved and nurtured; not just the affluent and well-off; ALL children.

Knowledge is power! Educating the children about Positive Character IS powerful. Let’s give our children an education full of Positive Character Behaviors and give them the power to radiate a bright light of knowledge and wisdom for the future!

Love, Leslie

Links to My Book, “All the Beautiful Girls” Written and Illustrated by Leslie Marie Wheeler: “All the Beautiful Girls” is a book about a young girl that has a dream that her mom is teaching her how to be a lady. During her dream, 10 different ladies teach the girl 10 different positive characters. Please join her in this amazing, transformative journey of inner character development: 
Links to My Book,

​A Boy’s Guide to Becoming a Gentleman

Written and Illustrated by Leslie Marie Wheeler:

​”A Boy’s Guide to Becoming a Gentleman” is a story about a young boy who wants to be a hero just like his dad. ​His dad is a hero because he is a gentleman! The young boy learns that being a gentleman requires positive character. He learns that having positive character is when he is being helpful, responsible, creative and much more! Join the young boy on the journey of learning positive character. Enjoy the ten bonus positive character coloring pages at the end of the book!