Keeping Clean: A Book About Good Hygiene

***I am an Author/Illustrator of 6 Children’s Positive Character Books. I teach children about being beautiful from the inside out.***

I am very proud to announce that “Keeping Clean: A Book About Good Hygiene” is officially completed!

This book is all about learning what Good Hygiene is and some really important tips to keep ourselves and our surroundings clean.

This book is great for children up to age 9. It’s a fun teaching tool for home and classroom learning!

You can find “Keeping Clean: A Book About Good Hygiene” on

Keeping Clean Front Cover



Hello All! So many things have happened since I blogged last.

I got married, drove cross country from California to Virginia via the famous route 66 and had a baby!

I contemplated deleting this blog since I am no longer the same traveling adventurer that got me to start this blog. However, I have decided to keep it since I am still having an adventure, just a different kind.

I hope you enjoy the video snippets and photos of what I’ve been up to and will post again soon:


Driving through New Mexico


38 Weeks Pregnant


Rose’s first Christmas ❤


Rose | 3 Months


Rose | 3 Months

Until Next Time!

@San Diego French American School


I was a vendor at my first Holiday Fair in La Jolla, California at SDFAS! I was selling my Children’s Positive Character Books. My fiance’ joined in on the fun and played his guitar, which attracted many patrons to our table.  🙂

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