Hello All! So many things have happened since I blogged last.

I got married, drove cross country from California to Virginia via the famous route 66 and had a baby!

I contemplated deleting this blog since I am no longer the same traveling adventurer that got me to start this blog. However, I have decided to keep it since I am still having an adventure, just a different kind.

I hope you enjoy the video snippets and photos of what I’ve been up to and will post again soon:


Driving through New Mexico


38 Weeks Pregnant


Rose’s first Christmas ❤


Rose | 3 Months


Rose | 3 Months

Until Next Time!

Life, the Teacher and I, the Student.


Sitting in the local Starbucks to get some much needed work done, only to be interrupted by a customer who decided to talk at me for almost an hour. He didn’t even ask if I could I spare a moment to talk; he seemed to be only self-interested… and I didn’t assert myself and let him know that I was in the middle of something very important and could talk for no more than a few minutes.

After about an hour of listening to him speak, I made him aware that I needed to go; my intention was to be a listening ear for a person who desperately needed someone to talk to. But I didn’t realize that need could possibly be an hour of being talked at. However, my kindness quickly turned into quite the opposite, as I inadvertently offended him upon my exit with something that I said.

The approximate hour of being talked at quickly turned into a lesson of me needing to put my foot down when someone is overstepping my boundaries. I didn’t do myself or the stranger any favors by letting him spew his problems at me and not letting him know that I didn’t have a lot of time for conversation.

My approximate hour of good intentions ended very badly and left me to an afternoon of quiet, thoughtful, somber contemplation.


I watched a hummingbird hover above a bush and then fly up to inspect a nearby tree. After about 30 seconds, he flew away.

The hummingbird sent the message, “Be persistent in the pursuit of your dreams”.

I am convinced that at times the road gets tough for all of us…

Today was a day full of trials, tribulations, thoughtfulness, helpfulness and kindness.

Life, the teacher and I, the student. Teaching me in a not so subtle way today. Reminding me of the importance of setting boundaries, saying ‘no’, assertiveness, being direct, persistence and triumph.

Remembering Maya Angelou when I remind myself that there is a rainbow in the clouds.

And that the most chaos happens when all of your dreams are about to come true.

Watching the birds soar up above and spiral towards the ground, only to shoot back up again, into the clouds.

And observing the crow as he defends his place on a wire, as two birds threaten his spot.

Ask for the things that you need.

Ask and you shall receive.

If I don’t ask for what I need, how will I receive it?

I’m asking for good fortune, prosperity and monetary abundance.

It’s OK to dream a dream.

And it’s OK for those dreams to come true.

Smiling to stop the tears from falling.

Laughing to stop the tears from falling.

And although I may fight hard every day for the sun to shine brightly in my sky, sometimes it’s necessary for the rainclouds to come and give her a rest.

“No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dreams that you wish will come true.” – Walt Disney Company



Bye Bye, Busan.


I haven’t yet mentioned this on my blog but I left ‘Dynamic’ Busan, South Korea early morning on February 14th, 2017 before the contract at the hagwon (private school) where I worked was completed.

I left for several reasons. However, the main reason was because I was tired of being treated like a second-class citizen. I agreed to work at the private school after being told that my writing and illustration abilities were needed and going to be taken advantage of during my tenure. Shortly after I arrived at the school, I discovered that I had been fed lip-service and all went down hill from there. Even my method of teaching ‘good character behaviors’ were discouraged at the school; this was intolerable for me and the last straw.

As a 34 year old woman with a reasonable amount of professional work experience under my belt, I believe that I shouldn’t be obligated to ‘survive’ at a job for a year when I could potentially ‘thrive’ elsewhere. I am smart enough and wise enough to take my own advice; I have moved on.

I have started a new chapter in my ‘Adventurer Diary’; I have a lot to accomplish. I am currently residing in the United States once again and have missed the familiarity of ‘home’.

No, it’s not perfect here but there is a lot of good I can do in my home-country with my newly acquired skills, expertise and polished natural abilities.

I will continue to keep you posted on where my adventures take me… on this roller-coaster we call life. Trying to stay tuned-in to my intuition and do what feels best for me at this moment in time.

I don’t know where I’m going to end up in this life but I do know this: I will do my best to make the most of this adventure.

I still remember watching the movie, “Boyhood” on the plane ride back from Turkey. To quote a line from the movie, Patricia Arquette’s main character says near the end, “…I just thought there would be more.” What I’m trying to get at is, for some of us, it’s easy to fall into the trap of, ‘…my life will start when…’ but in actuality, all of this is our life; life has already started and is in full swing, whether we like it or not.

I’m not looking to say, ‘…I just thought there would be more.’ I’m interested in continuing to say, ‘…I’m doing the best I can to give myself a good life.’

I’m doing the best I can to give myself a good life. Not interested in surviving. Looking to thrive…merely aspiring to survive is for the unambitious and uninspired.

Let’s all aspire to be more, even if that road is an uncertain and uncomfortable one.

Blessed be this journey of discovery, positivity and inextinguishable hope for the betterment of our lives.

~Love, Leslie




When you are grateful, when you can see what you have, you unlock blessings to flow in your life.

The essence of gratitude.  What is that?
I’ve been in Indonesia for over 1 year now and  am finally beginning to understand the gravity of gratitude.
What are you grateful for?  What moves you?
I admit. I have been meditating every day for almost 1 year now and I am learning to express gratitude. 
Feeling and understanding gratitude.
I yearn to pay it forward. But yearning only breeds suffering.
All good things come to those who wait.
But time is an illusion.
I have decided that I would like all of my students to begin creating and writing in their very own “Gratitude Journals”.  Writing in their journals 2 or 3 things per week that they are grateful for.  But before I let my students begin this assignment, I believe it’s only right for me to write about a few of the things that I am grateful for first:
Dear Mom,
I’m grateful for you.
You have always been a grounding person in my life. I pray for the day I am blessed to give back to you.
Dear Dad,
I’m grateful for you.
You love me unconditionally. I pray for the day I am blessed to give back to you.
I am grateful for my health, I am grateful for my job, I am grateful for my loving friends and family. How fortunate I am.
I haven’t always felt fortunate.
But, please find solace in the realization that with the expression of gratitude, the self-pittying and self-loathing you may feel begins to fade away and becomes replaced by a more optimistic outlook, appreciation and compassion for yourself and for others.
Thank you for reading.
I am grateful for you.
~Love Leslie