Hello All! So many things have happened since I blogged last.

I got married, drove cross country from California to Virginia via the famous route 66 and had a baby!

I contemplated deleting this blog since I am no longer the same traveling adventurer that got me to start this blog. However, I have decided to keep it since I am still having an adventure, just a different kind.

I hope you enjoy the video snippets and photos of what I’ve been up to and will post again soon:


Driving through New Mexico


38 Weeks Pregnant


Rose’s first Christmas ❤


Rose | 3 Months


Rose | 3 Months

Until Next Time!



Sifting through nostalgia

Dreading the absence of something that has yet to be absent

how odd…

At dusk, some of the locals light a fire… I’m not sure why but some say it’s to ward off the mosquitos.

But the smell, something about the smell that the fire brings at dusk

mixed with the delicate ingredients that make up the sweet fragrance of Indonesia

speaks to every trace of my being

And even though I am still here…

I lay here listening to the thunder roll, gazing at lightning’s fury thrash about the sky and watching the rain as it murders the fires, forcing them to reignite in their wildest dreams…

I trace my steps back to Indonesia

where the fires breathe their idea of love back inside

the spirit-soaked, dusk sky of Indonesia

the imperfect person

my left foot is bigger than my right foot

I sit in silence as I ponder whether or not I should feel embarrassed or ashamed about this

I admit

I’m imperfect

I have a bad temper

It’s better than it used to be



it’s still bad


I’m embarrassed and ashamed by this


embarrassment & shame

humility & desperation


trying to find peace within myself

peace within the desperate desperation