Relationship Bears: Contemplation of the Healthy Relationship


I picked up a bag of gummy bears today, not realizing that I picked up  a bag of sweet and sour gummies that are all connected in different color combination pairs. Suffice it to say, it got me thinking (gummy bears aside). The visual intrigued me and I would like to elaborate/share:

In a relationship, I believe that there should be a feeling connectedness that takes place. Acknowledging the purple gummy infuse itself into the yellow all the way to the core, is a proper visual of the connection that takes place in a healthy union.  And if we are balanced people, a sense of healthy union develops: trust, reliability, love, compassion, kindness, gentleness and a desire to want to help the other reach their goals in life.

Two individuals that choose to unify and not the opposite, which is, two individuals that feel obligated to.

Because love isn’t binding. It doesn’t possess. Jealousy doesn’t equate to love; it equates to fear and possession.

How do you fear losing something, that you never possessed in the beginning?

And this could be adequately described as the spirit or soul of a living being: the physical bird can be possessed and bound in a cage. You loved to watch her fly but you clipped her wings. But in reality, the beauty of her song; essentially her soul flies free and you can’t ever truly possess it.

The need to pluck the flower from its roots in the earth because her beauty intrigues you, is possession.  The ability to appreciate her in her radiant glory, leaving her to continue to prosper in the soil, is true, non-possessive, healthy love in all of its glory and contentment.


Out to Lunch


This weekend my good friend and I had a delicious lunch at a local restaurant named, ‘Robert’s Coffee’. I love this restaurant; the presentation is always good and the food is delicious! I had a veggie wrap and a ‘chocochino’. Yummy!