Sifting through nostalgia

Dreading the absence of something that has yet to be absent

how odd…

At dusk, some of the locals light a fire… I’m not sure why but some say it’s to ward off the mosquitos.

But the smell, something about the smell that the fire brings at dusk

mixed with the delicate ingredients that make up the sweet fragrance of Indonesia

speaks to every trace of my being

And even though I am still here…

I lay here listening to the thunder roll, gazing at lightning’s fury thrash about the sky and watching the rain as it murders the fires, forcing them to reignite in their wildest dreams…

I trace my steps back to Indonesia

where the fires breathe their idea of love back inside

the spirit-soaked, dusk sky of Indonesia

Love to You, Leslie


encircling your body is love

God blessed be your journey

Establishing & reiterating gratitude daily

bequeathed a crown of roses

fine-tuned to the whispers

facilitator to the predestined steps

God blessed be your destiny

My body is like a tree:

The veins in my feet being the roots

My arms being the branches

My body embodying the trunk

and my hair being her glorious leaves

God blessed be your angelic eyes

oh, the eyes that provide the windows to the soul

May the angels in your eyes heal many souls

Gold & silver tusked elephants guarding the portal to the spirit realm

God blessed be your womb which holds the key to glory

Earth Day Cont’d


We had a lot of fun with Earth Day today.  All of the kids had a good time making things out of plastic. 

I was a leopard for Earth day and a colleague from work, Sally, did my face paint. Thanks, Sally!

The beautiful Andreea featured above is modeling the plastic and paper bracelet I made and the “sooo cute” lady bug that she made!

And Miss V dressed as Mother Earth herself in her magnificent red paint and lovely batik clothing.

~V, you did such a good job organizing and executing Earth Day. You’re such a gift and an inspiration.