Hello All! So many things have happened since I blogged last.

I got married, drove cross country from California to Virginia via the famous route 66 and had a baby!

I contemplated deleting this blog since I am no longer the same traveling adventurer that got me to start this blog. However, I have decided to keep it since I am still having an adventure, just a different kind.

I hope you enjoy the video snippets and photos of what I’ve been up to and will post again soon:


Driving through New Mexico


38 Weeks Pregnant


Rose’s first Christmas ❤


Rose | 3 Months


Rose | 3 Months

Until Next Time!

@San Diego French American School


I was a vendor at my first Holiday Fair in La Jolla, California at SDFAS! I was selling my Children’s Positive Character Books. My fiance’ joined in on the fun and played his guitar, which attracted many patrons to our table.  🙂

Naritasan Shinshoji Temple | Japan


Naritasan-Temple belongs to the Chisan Sect of  Shingon Buddhism. The temple is famous for the goma ritual where many votive offerings are dedicated in front of the  Fudo-myo-o and special wooden goma sticks are burnt on the altar. No one other than Shingon priests who have been instructed in the secret rituals can perform this rite. The fire of the goma rite symbolizes the wisdom of Fudo-myo-o, and the wooden goma sticks represent the afflictions of human beings. By burning the goma sticks which have been inscribed with the human afflictions in the fire of Fudo-myo-o’s wisdom, the officiating priest prays with the devotees that their afflictions might be removed.

~Writing segment extracted from, ‘Main Temple Naritasan Shinshoji Temple’ brochure.

Leaving home to go home…

DSC05680 DSC05661 DSC05684

I remember when I first started on this Adventurer Journey. I was tripping all over myself with dreams placed firmly in my hands, running towards the airport gates…

That was over a year ago and things have changed.

Indonesia is an excellent mother. She has taught me a lot about myself and her beautiful land.

*I went back to the familiar and discovered that many things were no longer familiar to me.

They say, “Home is where the heart is” and now my heart resides in many different places.

How to piece it back together again?

My holiday trip back to Virginia


The view from my father’s car after leaving the airport.


My dad, backing out of the parking space of the D.C. airport.


Gifts from my mother: a suflower and some kale! 😉


Traffic, VA style!


My parents beautiful and festive living room.


My first meal back home: navy bean soup, broccoli, fruit salad and spinach salad. So finger lickin’ good!!!


I was so sleepy but not too sleepy to eat mom’s delicious food!


An item from Pier 1 Imports that was made in Indonesia!



Scary or Cute? This was a stuffed squirrel for sale at Pier 1. It was $30. Would you have bought this? :p


Shopping with mom at TJ Maxx!


Kangkung chips! 😉 No, I did not buy them. Maybe next time!

DSC05328 DSC05329 DSC05330


The old house looks like it is being well taken care of. 🙂