Instances of Life


Bird drinking from a flower.

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I have been going on morning walks every day since I have been back in Chesapeake, Virginia.  On my walk yesterday, I spotted a hidden treasure; a beautiful flower with lavender heart-shaped leaves and a stunning magenta studded center.  It was growing from a beautiful leafy bush with only the memory of other blossomed flowers on it; the beautiful lavender flower was unaccompanied; the sole survivor! I vowed that the next day I would take its photo.

Well, I’m sure you can guess what I found today when I went to take its snapshot; lavender heart shaped leaves separately dispersed upon the growing green grass.  Suffice it to say, my heart broke in two for an instant with the newly acquired knowledge that my brief opportunity for capturing something so beautiful had since passed.

I’m writing about all of this to write about all of us: instances of life. In an instant we are here and in an instant we are gone. Some instances seem to last longer than others…

In this blog post, I have stolen instances of what was the current reality at that time with my camera.  That reality or those instances are long gone.  If I tried to recapture those same shots, it would be virtually impossible.

So, here’s to stealing instances of time; instances of beauty; instances of life; instances of what was reality at that crucial point in time.