Leaving home to go home…

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I remember when I first started on this Adventurer Journey. I was tripping all over myself with dreams placed firmly in my hands, running towards the airport gates…

That was over a year ago and things have changed.

Indonesia is an excellent mother. She has taught me a lot about myself and her beautiful land.

*I went back to the familiar and discovered that many things were no longer familiar to me.

They say, “Home is where the heart is” and now my heart resides in many different places.

How to piece it back together again?

The birds do

I wanna do freedom like the birds do

Envious of their movement through time and space

Gazing out of the window

Witness to their adventures

What if I could fly?

I would fly backwards in time to watch my dog sleeping at the foot of my bed

I would fly forward, up and into my son’s room where I am rocking him to sleep

I would take flight, straight into my mother’s kitchen and chat her up about everything while she cooks dinner

If I were a bird, I would do freedom like the birds do

Up and down

Over and under

Expressing my love for the air with my flight in the heart of her

Taunting the wind as I fly, twisting and turning so easily around her

And I watch

In awe

Of the freedom that has been bestowed upon them

Just as the birds do

I desire that freedom, too