All the Beautiful Girls


Finally!  After painstakingly trying to get a children’s book publisher to publish my self-worth books, I decided to self-publish and I am so happy that I did. I finally published my children’s book, “All the Beautiful Girls”. It is a short children’s story about a young girl that has a dream that her mom is teaching her how to be a lady. In her dream, she learns ten different virtues from ten different ladies. This heart-warming story would be great in any home or classroom with young children aged 5-11.

I have been a writer and illustrator of children’s virtue books for a few years now and believe I have found my life’s calling. I am excited to help teach positive character of the next generation; shining a light on the future, so that they may shine a light on the future.

You can buy my first self-published children’s book, “All the Beautiful Girls” by clicking one of the links below:


New Year’s Eve Gift From A Stranger


On New Year’s Eve, I was walking through Nampo-Dong and an artist insisted he draw a picture of me for free. The piece took him about 1 hour to complete and when finished, he handed me the artwork and asked if I were an American. I said, “Yes, I am,” and then he responded, “Good luck,” followed by a warm smile.

The action of him taking the time to draw me made my heart swell with gratitude. Sitting for this drawing attracted several onlookers, smiles, waves and compliments.

It was ultimately a kind gesture that culminated in a heart-warming, beautiful memory of New Year’s Eve.