Pelican at the Beach


Happy Easter at 300 S. Pacific St, Oceanside, CA.

Hoping everyone had a joy filled day!

My journey to and from the USA


For a wonderful 2 weeks, I visited my amazing family and friends in Virginia; I had a great time.  In the above slideshow you will find many pictures of my journey.

The journey to leave Turkey and return to Turkey was quite tumultuous, to say the least! However, I am back safely and with positivity for the future.

In the slides above you will find pictures of the airports I had to stop in in order to get back home (Frankurt, Sivas, Ataturk, Dulles, Norfolk INT’l and Sabiha Gökçen), roads of the bus trips I had to take to get to and from the airports, my family and other precious things that I thought you might enjoy seeing.

~Until Next Time.

Sherri Linn Performing Live at the Oceanfront in Virginia Beach, VA, USA


My good friend, Sherri Linn performing at the Virginia Beach oceanfront on 17th Street and Atlantic Ave.


Sherri Linn and her dog, Chica Bonita the Doglet.

Sherri Linn is a really good friend of mine. Last night, the group put on a really good show!  Sherri Linn is beautiful inside and out with a voice to match! Check her out if you ever find yourself in Hampton Roads, VA, USA!  🙂