Experiencing the Death of Things


I’ve been enjoying watching the wonderful blossoming of the splendid roses here in Tokat; they are spectacular and many. However, with life comes death and we can’t ignore that fact.

In my life, I’ve discovered that with death can also come quiet, miraculous beauty. In the photos above we can see the decline and end of life.  But endings make way for new beginnings and vice versa.

The Drawbacks of Being a Traveler


As I sit here alone,

The traveler

I’m taught a valuable lesson

And mother,

Please forgive me!

As I sit here alone,

I’m thinking of you

As you prepare yourself for the funeral of your mother,

My grandmother

I won’t be there,

Everyone else will be

But I won’t

My eyes grow tired of supporting the rivers that pour from them

I have felt alone before but this time,

something feels different

I have concluded that this time,

It’s not aloneness that I feel, but desperation

I’m desperate

The traveler,

That has just learned that


Just like anything else,

Has its costs:

Just as I have had the courage to travel to Southeast Asia alone, it’s now time for me to also have the courage to accept the utterly painful, desperation that I feel right now, during this time of grieving in the absence of family