Coming Soon: This Is My Family

This Is My Family Front Cover OnlyThis Is My Family9This Is My Family13This Is My Family25

“This Is My Family” showcases the different types of families that people have. All families are different. No two families are the same. Join the characters in a celebration of diversity, compassion and joy!

***I truly enjoyed making this new Children’s Positive Character Book. I believe it is important to show children at an early age the various types of families that they may encounter.

Teaching children about tolerance, compassion, and respect are all ways that we as human beings elevate ourselves as beautiful people.

Positive Character Books can be found online:

“All the Beautiful Girls” 
“A Boy’s Guide to Becoming a Gentleman”

“Beautiful Children’s Positive Character Coloring Book”

“Reach for the Stars: Positive Character Coloring Book”

 Just the Way You Are” 
“Keeping Clean: A Book About Good Hygiene”
Up Next: My Light

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