Hello All! So many things have happened since I blogged last.

I got married, drove cross country from California to Virginia via the famous route 66 and had a baby!

I contemplated deleting this blog since I am no longer the same traveling adventurer that got me to start this blog. However, I have decided to keep it since I am still having an adventure, just a different kind.

I hope you enjoy the video snippets and photos of what I’ve been up to and will post again soon:


Driving through New Mexico


38 Weeks Pregnant


Rose’s first Christmas ❤


Rose | 3 Months


Rose | 3 Months

Until Next Time!

8 thoughts on “Life

  1. Congratulations!! She’s adorable. I was actually wondering how you’ve been. I hadn’t seen any updates on Instagram. I’m happy to know your bundle of joy has arrived and that you and your family are doing good. Welcome to motherhood!!

    • Thank you so much!!! She’s a joy to have in our lives. I got off of instagram. There was just too much I didn’t like about it. So, I got off.
      How are things going for you in Korea? Are you still enjoying yourself? Are you fluent in the language now?
      Are you subscribed to me on youtube? Do you have a youtube channel?

      • I understand. I’ve taken a bit of break from social media. Six years in Korea, I’m ready for something else. The air quality is getting worst here and that bothers me. As for YT, I have an inactive channel (allured abroad). One of these days, I will publish videos again, when I’m clear on the direction I’m going. I will look up your channel. It would be cool to chat with you sometimes. I’ve often wondered if you’ve thought about promoting your books to homeschooling moms. That’s a big market.

      • I struggled so much in S.K., I left after 5 months. I don’t know how you’ve done 6 years! Wow! How old are your girls now. I will subscribe to your channel on YT even though you’re not doing anything on it right now. I have just been posting pics of my daughter Rose up there recently and maybe a rant or two. However, I am going to change the trajectory up there a bit and start video blogging on my journey of self-acceptance. I need self-acceptance and I think others would benefit from me talking about my journey, as well.
        Thanks for the suggestion to offer books to homeschooling moms. You’re right, that is a big market! I’m actually considering homeschooling Rose. I think a lot of behavior in public schools has gotten out of control.
        I think it would be cool to keep in touch and chat with you, too.
        One of my videos:

  2. Congratulations on your beautiful baby. I also just moved my family from Southern California to Virginia. If you ever want to get together to have lunch, let me know! I’m glad you didn’t delete your blog. Motherhood is the wildest adventure of them all!

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