…Just Sharing With You

Interested in a good life, I mean, really good…but today, I’m having a difficult time putting on a happy face and being strong, so, like the good friend I am to myself,

I gave myself a little break: I took myself on a walk and did some jump rope!

Every day, I take a small step forward with

My Ambition

My Hard-work

My Resilience in the face of Rejection

My steadfast attitude in the wake of Overwhelming failures

My Positive response to Set-backs

My Tears that I allow to fall, in order to move on

The Sadness that I must acknowledge, in order to conjure up enough strength to pick up where I left off and continue forward

Second-guessing myself, then pushing past the negative self-talk

My Creativitity

My Excitement

My Joy

My Ideals

My Hopes

My Dreams


I’ve got BIG dreams; BIG aspirations; BIG goals! I’m successful and I believe in myself…

I don’t want to settle for less in life, but today,

I need to admit, out loud, that following my dreams is kicking my butt!

Love, Leslie


2 thoughts on “…Just Sharing With You

  1. I can relate in that I have received rejection notifications in my inbox weekly and I have had moments of breaking down, but I have a little talk with myself and say, “keep pushing through” and “give thanks for that rejection notice you were saved from an unnecessary detour” and “your dreams were given to you by the Ultimate Dreamer, your job is to persevere. Just sharing back. Hang in there!!

  2. Thank you for reading! I am grateful for your sharing!!! Yes, perseverance is the key, I totally agree with you there.
    The world may knock us down and reject us for whatever reason, but the question is, how will we react? And the answer needs to be,

    I will Get back up, and try again!

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