At the Fishing Pier


Today was a relaxing day for me and I am very grateful for that! After tidying up my apartment a bit, I decided to go out and get some vitamin D. The weather here in Busan, South Korea has been very mild as of yet and I am pleased to have had the opportunity to enjoy it today.

I decided to go for a walk in my neighborhood which turned into an hour long adventure to a fishing pier near my work which is about a 10 minute subway ride away. It was amazing to look at the surroundings and see all of the fishermen at work. Tugboats were coming and going. Patrons were doing the same.

I stopped briefly to sit and admire the view. Contemplated some things and watched the seagulls dive enthusiastically for their meals.

When I arrived at the fish market, I looked around the bustling street full of vendors.  I walked into one of the markets; it was amazing.  There were tanks of live fish everywhere and people were sitting down to a fresh dinner, recently extracted from the ocean.

I briefly watched a live octopus that was covered in a net, submerged in a tank of water. I watched his glorious tentacles wave wildly inside of this net.  His death was imminent. I stood there for a moment considering the octopus: He was beautiful while alive; the essence of him still in tact. His tentacles flailing about were hauntingly mesmerizing and I wanted to save him.

Next to the tank was a row of deceased octopodes; life had escaped them, and hence, so did their wild and glorious fight.

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