It was a really hard day today. The last thing I expected was to be surprised by a beautiful rainbow after it all…what a blessing.

“At its most basic reduction, the rainbow is an amalgamation of light – a perfect harmonic combination which produces a symbol of supernatural beauty, promise and enlightenment.”   ~author unknown


Out to Lunch


This weekend my good friend and I had a delicious lunch at a local restaurant named, ‘Robert’s Coffee’. I love this restaurant; the presentation is always good and the food is delicious! I had a veggie wrap and a ‘chocochino’. Yummy!

Delicate Red


I don’t know what this flower is called but it is absolutely stunning to me. It grows near the river and is bright red with a black center.

Today, when I was walking, I stopped to touch its petals and they instantly fell off of the stem and blew out of my existence.

This experience started me thinking about the delicate nature of things.  Some things, you only need acknowledge their presence and then, as if it were never in existence, disappears.  Writing about this reminds me of the movie, “Gladiator”, when the king was speaking to Maximus about how they must only whisper about some things or they would collapse and vanish forever…