to embrace the self

let us look underneath that blanket…

hiding underneath…

shame… perhaps?

what will it take to admit that…

everything that you say to others

might be true about you?

what kind of person dares to lift up the blanket that’s concealing…





control patterns

self-esteem issues


the fear of dying


vanity and self-absorption

find solace in the acknowledgement that you’re not alone…

and relief comes wrapped inside of humility and daring to be silent.


2 thoughts on “self-discovery

  1. Leslie! Happy birthday, love! I have been following your posts and am so proud of you. My new career as an RN has been disappointing. I’m very unhappy. My schedule is full being at the hospital and continuing my massage. I wish you the best and look forward to the next time we can see one another. Love, Frances

  2. I didn’t know you had a new career as an RN…
    I’m sorry it’s disappointing. Are you looking for something new?

    I love you and miss you,

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