I suppose when we talk about happiness we must talk about money

But what is money?

Paper, that everyone has

Even the poorest have some money…


What is money?

Something common that everyone has

But what is happiness?

Some will equate happiness with having paper…

Something that is so easily & quickly burned & destroyed by fire

When we talk about money, we must in turn talk about greed


Oh the greed that feeds the horror within our lives

Happiness left lonely in greeds wake

Greed says i need more to make US happy

But greed only knows the letter “i”


so rare

not everyone has happiness

It’s worth fighting for… this beautiful thing that’s so rare

after greed eats away at our bodies

and we realize

that greed is one of the most powerful evils that we can ever have


we will no longer have to suffer with the fear of loss

because, the wisest know to ask the question

“how do you lose what you never had?”


What is happiness?

Something uncommon that most don’t have


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