To Indonesia,



To Indonesia,

I love you. Within you, everything about me has been broken down into its most basic parts and rebuilt into a spiritually aware structure.


The first day I began to live, was the first day I set eyes upon you.


So beautiful…

Your air smells like life in abundance, you.

Your earth gives life to everything that touches it, you.

Oh, I love you.

Your earth has transformed my existence. I want to give back to you, and I will.


Torn apart and reconstructed.

Thank you for my gifts!

Gifts in abundance!

Every day, you’re giving and I am receiving. 

Every day, you give willingly and willingly, I accept.


I accept you and you have rebuilt me.

My homage, I owe, you.


2 thoughts on “To Indonesia,

  1. such a beautiful pictures Ms. Leslie, you’re very talented and very kind person. keep going on your carrier and fight for it. i’m very proud to be one of your students ,always be a good teacher and good figure! ANW check out my new music cover on youtube, LOL

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