The Elephant Room: Why is it so hard to put down the phone at the dinner table?

Of course, this is just a metaphor. In actuality, many of us find it difficult to even sleep without our cellphones by our sides…as if they are as important as our children or significant other.

Note: I know sometimes things come up and there are emergencies or one could have a profession in which the cell phone is of high importance for important phone calls…we aren’t talking about those cases.

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2 thoughts on “The Elephant Room: Why is it so hard to put down the phone at the dinner table?

  1. LES! I was telling Vera and Aimee about this today! Aimee brought up social etiquette: the rude factor. Vera added, “it can wait.”

    Personally, I love “unplugging”. I find any excuse I can to turn off my phone! While some may prefer candycrush or instagram to the friends next to them, I choose real life.

    Some, however, find solace in their phones/ipads etc. A way to tune out from the real world -an excuse to NOT talk/listen/interact. I get it, but when we choose to be with others this shouldn’t be the case.

    Is it the lack of conversation topics and commonalities? It wasn’t all that long ago that we interacted and spoke to one another over coffee or dinner and drinks. And if you’re the quiet one, then you’re quiet. That’s okay.

    We are bombarded with updates and texts and tweets and notifications…isn’t it too much? OR is it addicting? Has technology spoiled us to a fault and instant gratification become like a drug? If we don’t get it, we go into depression and withdrawal because we didn’t get enough “likes” on our status.

    This need to share the mundane, the unimportant, the gym selfies, the “look what i’m eating”, “look at my cat”… who cares?

    So, Leslie, it could be said that social etiquette is lacking. It could be that we need to work on interpersonal skills and connecting again; however, at the end of the day it is the individual who has to make the decision to power off.

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