To Indonesia,



To Indonesia,

I love you. Within you, everything about me has been broken down into its most basic parts and rebuilt into a spiritually aware structure.


The first day I began to live, was the first day I set eyes upon you.


So beautiful…

Your air smells like life in abundance, you.

Your earth gives life to everything that touches it, you.

Oh, I love you.

Your earth has transformed my existence. I want to give back to you, and I will.


Torn apart and reconstructed.

Thank you for my gifts!

Gifts in abundance!

Every day, you’re giving and I am receiving. 

Every day, you give willingly and willingly, I accept.


I accept you and you have rebuilt me.

My homage, I owe, you.



I wanted to say that this country saved me.

But, in actuality, I saved myself.

Looked down upon because of my dark skin…

Laughed at because of my individuality…

Judged because of my choices and lack of religion…


Today,  I walked down the street and I sang a song out loud.


what do you know about courage and bravery?

I know that I am courageous and I am brave and I am proud and I am different.

Embracing bravery like a newborn child.

I’ve never been so proud.

It began to rain and the rain kissed my skin and my skin absorbed her as if

she were a god.