Local drinks in Indonesia

1. Es campur – ice cubes with fruit and syrup milk

2. Es cendol – traditional dessert; coconut milk, rice flour with green food coloring, shaved ice and palm

3. Jus alpukat – frozen avocado juice, milk and chocolate sauce

4. Es kacang hijau – mung beans, coconut milk, palm sugar and cane sugar

5. Es teler – fruit cocktail

*Here is a picture of the es campur:


I propose an open forum.

Hello All! It’s me Leslie!

I would like to begin open forums on my blog. Every Tuesday, I will be proposing a new question, in which I would like viewers to comment and state why they believe the way they do. I will be discussing the response to the questions the following Monday.

I believe that the questions that I will be bringing up are important questions that need to be acknowledged, contemplated and discussed among society as a whole.

I am truly looking forward to this type of open acknowledgement.

Let’s learn and grow together!

Thank you everyone for your honest and open commentary!

*Please keep opinions civil, so that they are conducive to learning. Also, there are young children watching and reading as well, so let’s be considerate of our Future.

*Of course, anonymity is fine.

The Art Exhibit.

The Art Exhibit.

I have a new friend, her name is Victoria. I’m amazed by her wisdom and intellectual insight. I feel very… fortunate.

What I’m holding, is a picture that I drew while out on the town:

Growing inside illuminating beauty.
Filling the emptiness with calm.
And the surrealness that lives surrounding
Limitless Time & Space.