I have to write.

I can’t sleep.

I can’t sleep because I feel…

I can’t sleep because I feel dot dot dot.

And every day, I have a new thought. And every night, I fight off sleep.

Learning, expanding…this concept of…dot dot dot.

This concept of needing to fulfill an urge that is just going to take time… but I don’t want to wait for time to happen.

This sincere longing for…

Longing for thereal. 


Let’s make that a new word. Thereal,

This slow, steady, sexy…entrance of…

An awakening.

An awakening of…

An awakening to life.

What is life?

Life is…

The uncertain exploration of thereal.

This ethereal experience is causing me to transcend.

And every day, I feel




I feel alive. This depth of life, has made me feel what it is to really be, 


And I am grateful.

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