Dear Mom…

To my mom:

I hope that you’ve had a wonderful mother’s day and didn’t feel too alone without any of your children to be with you…

With that being said, I’ve been thinking about you all day and I wanted to revisit some memories with you.

Dear Mom:

Remember when I was heartbroken over a boy and you were there to pick up the pieces? And when I got my wisdom teeth out and you were there to help me eat and drink? And all of those orchestra concerts you went to? And all of those times you patiently put up with my attitude and stubbornness? And all of those times and all of those times?

Mom, I appreciate everything that you have done and everything you’re doing while I’m here in Indonesia.

And I know that you’re worrying from afar… but I wish you wouldn’t because I want for your health and I want our time on this earth together to be as long as possible.

You truly are an inspiration to all who have met you.

You’re loved, respected and cherished.

I love you, Mom,

I wish for your good days…

Your Leslie Bug.

One thought on “Dear Mom…

  1. I have been searching for the words with which to comment… there’s simply nothing suitable. That is a beautiful note to Mummsy, Les. Simply put. Simply beautiful.

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