A lady that I met in the mall.

I met a brown girl at the mall this past Saturday, she was with a friend.  I looked at her and her friend and just assumed that she and her friend were probably like me and my friends; people from different areas of English speaking countries that are in this beautiful country to teach English to the locals. 

After a few more beers, I walked over to their table and introduced myself.  I asked the lady where she was from; I had previously assumed that she would probably tell me that she was from England.

I couldn’t have been more wrong; she was an Indonesian, born & bred!  

I asked her had she ever been to the USA and she said no but she would love to go.  Then I told her that she would fit right in because a lot of people look like her in the USA!  Then she said, 

“Then maybe I won’t visit because I am different here and I like standing out.”



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