Indonesia Vs. The USA – Part 1


1. YES!  McDonald’s does 24hour delivery here in Indonesia!  I swear that I will eventually get a picture of these guys on their motorbikes delivering this fast-food goodness!

2. The Indonesians LOVE American music here.  I think the first day I got here, “Suit & Tie” by Justin Timberlake was playing in the van.

3. The traffic & driving here is an atrocious, intriguing, fun, and horrifying thing! NO LAWS when it comes to driving.

Imagine Grand Theft Auto without the killing and multiply that by 20!

The Indonesians are the best, rude drivers ever and I’m loving every minute of it…until one of them runs me over and kills me, of course.

4. Sunday is “family goes to the mall” day. The Indonesians love them some malls…

5. The people here speak multiple languages, opposed to the USA, where some of us can barely speak our own   😉

6. The food here is phenomenal.  They have food here to appease any palette and of course all the rice you can eat!  Oh yea, and did I mention you can get a FILLING dinner for $1.50 or 15,000 rupiah?

7. The Indonesians love to get a bargain.  You start the bargaining off here by saying, “Gratis”, which means, “Free”.  They like to start by asking, can I get this for free…and then the bargaining can continue from there.  Awesome!

8. The dress code is about the same as the USA but more diverse because of the diverse backgrounds and religions here, I suppose…

9. Here, instead of getting on the bus, you can take an “ankot” (the spelling is probably incorrect) and get to the location you need to go for about .20cents or 2,000 rupiah.  An “ankot” is a little van looking thing that carries an extreme amount of people from one place to another.

The “ankot” stops running at about 10PM and at that time, you can either walk or catch a ride on a “motor” or motorbike.  A ride on a “motor” is just given by random guys who just happen to be riding their motorbike at the time and these rides cost $1 or 10,000 rupiah.  Women and men can be seen on motorbikes equally and it’s awesome!

10. The sun rises at 6AM and sets at 6PM every day.  There is no daylight savings time.

~Until Next Time

3 thoughts on “Indonesia Vs. The USA – Part 1

  1. Hey, girl..I am glad that you are doing well and you started this blog. This way I can feel like I am going on the adventure with Be safe and keep us up to date.


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